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Dear Mom and Dad,

Vancouver keeps getting weirder. Please send more socks.


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    I left the slides in Gastown

    If you happen to be here looking for BarCamp slides, good on you for being interested, I’m flattered. Unfortunately, I’m also very BarCamp-tired. I won’t slack, they’ll be up in a day or two.

    Terence McKenna - Culture is Not Your Friend

    Proposed Solution to the Lack of Garbage Pickup During the Vancouver Municipal Service Strike

    In light of the Vancouver municipal workers strike, garbage pickup service has stopped, in addition to various other municipal services. Among the “essential” services that are still in operation is parking enforcement. Obviously there are larger factors at stake, but it’s somewhat irrational that ensuring that the streets are clear of freeloading cars is deemed more important than ensuring the streets of clear of garbage.

    (blah blah, wasteful consumer society, gets what’s coming to it, yadda yah)

    This presents an obvious solution: leave your garbage, properly bagged, in city parking spaces.

    P.S. My Mount Pleasant apartment garbage pickup continues. The dumpster is around the side, by the parkade.

    review of “Casino Royale”

    I have a habit of not seeing movies until “i get around to it”.

    Daniel Craig made a wonderful Bond, arguably the best ever.

    But the ending sucked. Bond is not Hugh Grant.

    Further, that Bentley was beautiful; I was expecting a long, drawn out chase scene, and cried a single tear when he crashed it.

    Silly Sony.

    Democamp 1

    I recently attended a “Democamp” event here in Vancouver, a sort of gathering of the minds where people pitch ideas. A more thorough explanation.

    I had the fortune of giving a 30 second pitch there, which Roland recorded and posted on Google Video.

    After the event, I was interviewed by Tod Maffin of the CBC, and wound up in a segment that I understand to have aired today on CBC Radio. Of course, you weren’t listening to CBC Radio today, but it’s posted on Tod’s site.

    I’m flattered by the exposure, but slightly embarrassed that these grand ideas of mine are just concepts floating in my mind, not having gotten the proper attention to convert them into something real. In time, we hope.

    I apologize for my month’s absence, but really, I don’t

    I haven’t had a proper vacation in a few years, so when faced with the ability to coast off my savings for a bit, unemployed in the big city, I couldn’t resist.

    I’m well settled in Vancouver, with an apartment, a bike, housewares, and the like. For the last month I’ve been exploring the city, sleeping in, spending time with Jacqueline, looking for work, and being interviewed by the CBC (next post).

    The savings account is running low though, so some form of income will have to be arranged shortly (in progress).

    We’re definitely not in Edmonton anymore.

    When did we forget our dreams?

    I’ve had this comic posted on my fridge for some time now.


    xkcd is part of my daily comic list.


    I made an update to GregCorp just now. This must be version 9, or maybe 17. I’ll develop it along more (this was about 13 minutes of work), I just wanted to put something up and clear off what was there. I’m not content with it yet, but it’s not getting finished tonight.

    GregCorp was started back when I was in high school as a device to expose my ego within the boundaries of my social awkwardness. I might not have been the coolest kid in school, but I was the only one with his own domain name. Going forward, I want to use it as more of a portfolio, a starting point to various things I do.

    I reluctantly point out that has old copies of GregCorp dating back to 2001. I can have that removed from their archives, and I think I will. My bitter high school ramblings are not something the world needs to see anymore. I used a lot less discretion in writing back then, when the internet felt like a smaller place. Regardless, it’s pretty cool for me to look back on a vague history of my youth. If I do have it removed, I’ll save it for myself first.

    I’d love to hear what your favorite excerpts from the archives are.

    A small plugin resides on my computers, observing my music player apps. For each track played, it records the artist and song name, and transmits that data via a web server into database in the cloud.

    This database then keeps statistical information on my listening habits, and uses that information to offer disturbingly good artist recommendations.

    This is, and it’s great fun. Stalk me here.